About Us


The Green Peppercorn Thai and Lao’s Restaurant has come from a humble beginning created by the Inthavong family to showcase the uniqueness, vibrant and the unforgettable flavorsome cuisines of South East Asia Countries of Lao’s and Thailand combined.

The journey of the Inthavong family’s migration from a Thailand refugee camp to Australia, Sydney is hinted with in the menu selections with the famous mum sauce which is addictive with any dish created by Khamvao Inthavong. They have infused Thai and Lao’s cuisine’s together to create the freshest, mouthwatering and authentic cuisines without leaving the county. The Inthavong family’s love for food and culture runs deep and their ambition is to share and bring everyone together to experience it with them.

We dedicate Green Peppercorn to our family, friends and loyal customers who continue to support us throughout the years.