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Inthavong was born in Laos but spent five years in a Thai refugee camp before arriving in Australia. Green Peppercorn founded in 2012, and it has been a great success. Green peppercorn’s décor is impressive, but locals would simply scoff at it if the food was not great, too. It is one of the things we love about Fairfield: style over substance just does not cut it. the floral cut-out room dividers in high-gloss white, the birdcages suspended from the ceiling and shiny tuk-tuk parked. Beside the bar – it would all be for nothing if it were not for the authentic Lao and Thai food, and the reasonable price tags. It is this trifecta – good food, great atmosphere, and fair prices – that has won Green Peppercorn the title of best new restaurant in the good food under $30 guide.


The Lao-style beef jerky and chargrilled pork sausages were staples that saw the Inthavongs through tough times in Thai refugee camp and when they immigrated to Australia. In addition to these meaty bites are ubiquitous Thai favas such as Pad Thai, Massaman Curry and more. Papaya Salad is served in both Thai and Lao styles; Latter’s strong chilli punch and bursts of sweetness from cherry tomatoes.

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