Deep fried battered tofu seasoned with salt, pepper, chilli, shallots served with Mum’s sauce and sweet chilli sauce.

Salt Pepper Barramundi Wings

Deep fried barramundi wings, lightly battered and seasoned with salt and pepper, served with shallots and fried onion.

Marinated Lamb Cutlets

Tender lamb cutlets, marinated with lemongrass grilled over a chargrill BBQ. Served with Mum’s sauce and a mixed salad.

Slow Cooked Pork Knuckle

Slow cooked pork knuckle served with chilli, caramelised soy sauce and pickled carrots.

Crispy Pork Belly

Stir fried Asian water spinach with garlic, chilli, topped with crispy pork belly.

Banana Blossom Salad

Soop ma pi. Thinly sliced banana blossom salad tossed with chicken spices, coconut cream and aromatics.

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